"The service we received was absolutely brilliant. They were really good at discussing with us before we started doing anything. They had plenty of ideas about what we could do but left the decision with us. They managed everything for us - architects, their own team and the sub contractors they got involved. When the project started everyone was very friendly, polite, nothing was ever too much, they arrived on time. We live in an old house and you never know what you will find when you start ripping things out. And as always, there were a few glitches, some things that were different than what they had planned, but nothing was ever a problem, they just got on with things saying “that’s ok we’ll sort that out”. Sam was really helpful, we could contact him at anytime with whatever query we had. And I was really amazed how he managed our whole project and the team involved. He is only in his early thirties but a very ‘switched-on guy’. We had several teams working here, all having their own field of expertise (putting in the steels, the electricians, etc…) and they all just wanted to do a really good job for you. I think SKD Loft Conversions are terrific and really well priced as well. I really wanted a good finished product and was prepared to pay a little bit more for it, but from the 4 quotes I had, SKD were also the cheapest."

Robert B.

"I had brilliant service from SKD Loft Conversions. They did everything they said they would do. Sam managed the whole project well. If some changes came up he always had a chat with me first. He took on board suggestions and made some changes. He was very responsive which was great. He brought in a variety of trades people to work on the project and all the people he brought in the house you felt comfortable with them being in your house. I am very positive about what he has done for us. His finishing quality is very good. I only had one quote, which was from SKD. I did find the quote reasonable as I had spoken to other people who had a similar loft job done. I chose SKD because of the personal recommendation from someone I have known for several years and is living just a few streets away. I went to see their finished loft and after having listened about what they had to say about SKD I was convinced. They delivered good value for money. He also put a bathroom in for me. Absolutely spot on. I had to contact them again afterwards because a little bit of lead slipped, but they were round straight away sorting things out for me. So even after the job still very responsive for the minor niggles which always come up after a job like this."

William S.

"SKD finished our loft conversion just before Christmas. The service we received from them was really, really good. Right from the initial quotation all the way through the project Sam listened to us, made sensible suggestions and gave us lots of information about how big the loft would be and the costs. He recommended the architect which we used – and also was very good. During the project all the people who were working here were terribly conscientious, they always approached this as what was best for us rather then what was easier for them. Every evening they tidied up, left all their tools neatly, you could just feel that they were proud of their job. They were also extremely competitive on price. We had quote from 3 or 4 different people and they were amongst the lowest. I have always recommended them to friends, who priced them up against other people and selected them as well. They re-instilled my confidence in the building trade, they are loft specialists and that shows in the work that they did."

Henry C.

"We wanted to have our loft done for a really long time but we were very anxious about the money we would have to spend and the quality that we wanted it to be. My husband had a first meeting with Sam and we saw some of his work in our street and we were impressed with it. But although being impressed with his work it was Sam who impressed us the most. His approach and his total commitment to our happiness with his work was really impressive. He delivered exactly what we wanted. Their service was brilliant (it even included mad things that I really did not expected from them like hovering at the end of the day). In fact in the first phase of the work when they were working at break-neck speed they were still knocking at the door and taking their shoes off. We felt at instant ease with them and really really happy and trusting with them. The work was of a really excellent quality. The whole build had four really tiny, minor snags. We were really impressed with them. We had several quotes before we decided on SKD Loft Conversions. We had a slightly cheaper quote but when we asked around (just down the grapevine, my parents are local) and all the people who had work done by this cheaper company have had problems with build quality finishing and lead time. Sam and his team started on a Monday (a Bank Holiday) and finished on the day exactly they said they would finish (to meet the deadline they set themselves they worked on Saturdays and Sundays- but every time they worked in a weekend they came to us first and asked if this was convenient). It is a big deal to have a bunch of strangers in your house, it is very stressful and it is very disrupting but I don’t think they could have de-stressed the experience for us any more. I don’t know how other operators work but they only agreed to take payment on completing fixed portions of the job. Money was handed over in stages when we were absolutely satisfied."

Jo B.

"SKD Lofts converted our loft about 3 months ago and they have done an excellent job. It turned out just as we wanted. The period that we had the builders here was totally good, they were all brilliant. I had 2 quotes but decided to go for SKD. They also gave me the better quote. Overall excellent service, all the guys who worked on the project were excellent, they kept to the time scale, they also listened to everything you said. Highly recommended."

Gareth H.

“May we say how pleased we are with the quality of work that was carried out by you and your team, please pass on our thanks. We understand from our neighbours that, while we were on holiday the site was left clean and tidy and at very little inconvenience to them. We shall of course be very happy for you to show any prospective clients around the loft conversion any time.”

Lucy & Morris Hughes. Bradford on Avon

“We are so happy with our new loft. The quality of work was impressive and completed on schedule. My husband and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services”

Steve & Sam Whitly. Bath.

“Very pleased with our new bedroom en-suite, great standard of work. All of your workers were polite and helpful. Most importantly Wendy and Thomas now have their own rooms!”

Mr & Mrs Thomas. Bath.

"Lovely team of workers and a really great job done by all - thank you very much"

Jude & Geriant. Southville.

"Building work of a very high standard. Very friendly and extremely tidy. Approach focused on what was best for us rather than what was easiest for them, much appreciated."

Mr & Mrs Collet. Bristol.

"Quality of work was excellent, timescale kept, no hidden extras, overall fantastic Job well done."

Sarah & David Swash. Oldfield Park.