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Smart Storage Ideas for Your Loft Extension

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While the purpose of our loft extension projects is typically to create renewed, functional spaces, some customers still want to leave space for storage. After all, for many homeowners in the Bath area, this is the main purpose of their loft space before renovating it. Whether they get thrown out or kept, their belongings need to go somewhere! As a professional loft conversion company, we can incorporate storage as part of your bespoke loft conversions in various ways. Here’s a few for you to consider.

Create Tailored Storage Spaces

Given our experience as loft conversion specialists, it’s no surprise that we recommend a tailored approach to storage. When designing our bespoke loft conversions, we often have to work around certain characteristics of the property’s roof, involving some awkward angles and small spaces. We can create custom-made storage to help you get the most out of these areas of your loft space. If you have any designs for hip-to-gable loft conversions or dormer conversions, but if you have sloping ceilings from your original pitched roof, we can fill that space with storage. This allows you to have storage that doesn’t encroach on your floor space.

Use the Eaves

Sometimes for our customers in the Bath area, it can be tricky to determine what to do with the eaves in their loft space. This is the area under the sloped section of your pitched roof, which doesn’t offer any standing space for full-grown adults. However, instead of leaving their eaves empty, we recommend that our customers investing in dormer conversions, hip-to-gable conversions and other loft extensions to use them for storage cupboards and drawers. This helps you optimise all aspects of your loft space.

Shelving Walls

Whether we’re designing hip-to-gable conversions, dormer conversions or other bespoke loft conversions, a popular storage option with our Bath clients is shelving walls. Not only can you store your possessions in a way that doesn’t limit your floor space, but it also creates an innovative display feature within your new loft room and makes any item easily accessible. As loft conversion specialists, we would recommend a shelving wall to anyone looking to create a new home office in their loft space, as it can be a practical option but also add some character to your new workspace.

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