Loft Extension in Bristol from Loft Conversion Specialists
Explaining Modular Conversions

Based nearby in Bath, SKD Loft Conversion Specialists Ltd is a loft conversion company that regularly attends to the needs of customers in Bristol. As loft conversion specialists, we offer expertise in a range of loft extension services. 

This includes:

  • Dormer Conversions (Side, Rear and Pitched Dormers)

  • Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions

  • Loft Design Services

  • Loft Renovations

Whether you’re interested in hip-to-gable conversions, pitched dormers, loft renovations, loft design or any other services we offer, please contact us. Since we set up our loft conversion company in 2010, we’ve been helping customers design and build dormers, hip-to-gable loft conversions and all kinds of converted loft spaces. With our understanding of our craft, our loft conversion specialists give you the advice you need to get your project off the ground and bring it to life.

Within the world of bespoke loft conversions, modular loft conversions have grown in popularity in recent years. We would like to supply you with more information on this type of loft extension to help inform you ahead of any upcoming loft conversion projects.

 What are Modular Loft Conversions?

Modular loft conversions are a form of increasing the internal living space in your Bristol property. This involves replacing your existing loft space with a prefabricated roof structure that’s put into position by a crane. Unlike hip-to-gable conversions or dormer conversions, modular lofts are built in a factory in sections known as ‘modules’, which are specially designed for your unique specifications.

Why You Should Install a Modular Loft Conversion

Just like all the bespoke loft conversions we construct, be it hip-to-gable conversions or dormer conversions, modular loft conversions have their own unique benefits.

Quick Installation

Perhaps the biggest selling point in favour of this type of loft extension. Because of their prefabricated nature, modular loft conversions are quicker to install than others. This can be ideal for our Bristol customers who want to live on-site during the build process, and the faster installation time helps minimise the disruption involved in a loft conversion project.

A Solution for Loft with Limited Head Space

Modular conversions are less confined to the restrictions of the existing loft space like other loft conversions. If you don’t have much head height in your current loft, our loft conversion specialists would recommend a modular conversion. Once the existing roof is removed, you can establish the desired head height for your loft room.

Transparent Build Costs and Less Waste

Because everything is prefabricated off-site, it’s clear to the customer exactly what they’re paying for. No nasty hidden extras to surprise you post-installation. Additionally, because of the construction process, the on-site installation produces less waste. This saves you and your loft conversion contractor extra effort and hassle of clearing the area after installation.

Added Value

Like all home improvements, modular conversions help increase the property value of your home. In some cases, some customers have been able to add up to 70% to their home’s valuation, offering an amazing return on investment.

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